Monday, June 16, 2008

Politics 2.0

Digital Politics

A few days ago I was happy to chat with and interview Alan Rosenblatt. We talked about social media world and how the explosion of new media tools is shaping politics and 2008. presidential elections. Here is a short summary of Alan's career.
Alan Rosenblatt
has a PhD in Political Science and he became a professor in Political Science in the early 1990s. At that time, his focus of interest shifted from the graduate school research on the use of television to influence public opinion into talking about the Internet politics.

"In 1993 I was shown Mosaic, the first Web browser and I had a strong feeling it's going to change the world of politics. And I focused my energy on it from there on."

At that point, Alan was a professor at George Mason University where he was teaching political science, persuasion and propaganda, research methods, and public opinion. As a result of his knowledge and passion he put together a course called Politics of Cyberspace, the first time in the world that anyone thought the course on the Internet Politics. After that, Allan started doing both consulting and teaching the Internet Politics. He is also an avid blogger at DrDigiPol.

Politics 2.0

If you liked this video, you can look for more inspiring thoughts on Digital Politics and Internet Advocacy on the Web-sites that Alan contributes to. He writes for, a blog about the Web and the presidential elections, and occasionally for,, and the Institute for Politics Democracy & the Internet. He is also active at and contributes to many academic journals devoted to the intersection of politics, social science, and the internet.